What is a Reading?  – Simply put…A reading is the exchange of information the psychic receives while in an altered state of consciousness to the client. Each psychic has their own way of receiving the information and style of conducting a reading. Some use clairvoyance to receive information, some use various divination tools such as the tarot, some use a combination. Using one method or a combination does not make one way better than the other. It’s what works best for that psychic to receive the information.

How do I choose a Reader? – We encourage you to look for a reader that is right for you. Impulse buying before being well informed should be avoided. Take the time to read all the information given, get a vibe or feeling about the reader first before you buy a reading, and trust this person with giving you information on your love life, family matters, career move, etc.

Things To Keep In Mind:

A professional psychic  will not tell you what should or should not do, or give doom and gloom information such as predicting death.

A professional psychic  will not promise to bring a loved one back to you, promise to bring you good luck or lots of money.

A professional psychic  will not tell you that you have a curse and promise to remove the curse, or blocks.

A professional psychic  will not charge a fee to pray for you or hold a prayer circle for you…God listens for free.

A professional psychic  will not tell you they can cast a spell to make and all your problems disappear, all your wants, desires, and wishes a reality.

A professional psychic  will not claim they are 100% accurate, no one is 100% accurate.

A professional psychic  will give information in an enlightening manner so you can make your own decisions.

A professional psychic  will have your highest good at heart and listen with an ear of non-judgment.

A professional psychic  will never enforce their beliefs on you.

A professional psychic  will give you their session fee up front, with no hidden fees.

A professional psychic  will keep your reading in the strictest of confidence.

A professional psychic  will provide references or a means for you to verify their reputation.

Remember a psychic is a person. They have good and bad days just like you.

Your best bet is to follow your instincts – If it “feels” right to you, accept. If it doesn’t “feel” right to you, reject.

Tips before Getting A Reading:

Pick a quiet time when you are relaxed with no distractions for your reading. This will make it easier for the reader to pick up on your energy and receive information to relay to you.

Let the reader conduct the session their way. Do not expect the reader to give you a reading just like another psychic did. Remember the reader is a professional and will give you the information they receive for you (clairvoyant, tarot, etc.) in the manner that works best for them.

Enter the reading with an open mind. A good session does NOT include: unfounded skepticism, purposely trying to confuse the reader, arguing with the reader, demanding proof from the reader, or testing the reader with questions like “what did I eat for lunch yesterday”. Doing this will create a negative energy flow between you and the reader.

Above all else keep in mind that you are the one to make the final decision on what is best for you, or the course you should take for your own life. While a psychic reading can give you insight, it is up to you what you do with the information you receive. The only one responsible for your life and they way you want to live it, and your future, is YOU.